Sarah Palin To Make A Big Announcement On The Bob And Mark Show On April Fools Day? Competition Time!

By Kathleen
Image posted on Democratic National Committee website
According to many celebrity websites, and The Washington Post, on the 1st of April 2011 Sarah Palin will appear on the Bob and Mark Show to make a “major announcement.” Hollywood Life has revealed that a source from the radio station told them:
“Looks like Palin might be on this Friday at 7:30 a.m. Working out details now, but right now it’s about 99% locked in. Gonna be a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!” (emphasis mine)

Oh golly gee! Can this possibly be the moment that we have all been anticipating with dry dread? Will our fears be made manifest? On April Fool’s Day of all days? And on a Friday? I don’t think so.

Friday is better known in media circles as the Friday news dump day when bad news is released in order to avoid media coverage. I doubt that attention seeking Sarah would announce her intention to run on a Friday of all days. She may not even appear as this just might be Bob and Mark’s idea of a fun April Fools Day prank on an anxious nation.

However if she does appear what could her “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT” possibly be? I have my own theories but will leave the suggestions up to the Politicalgates readers. It’s much more fun that way and it is a long time since we had a competition.

Email me, with your suggestions or leave them in the comments if you like. The suggestion closest to Palins announcement (if there is one!) will receive something small and engaging from Patrick and I.

Competition finishes Thursday, 9 pm Eastern Standard Time. Good Luck everyone!

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