Rolling Blunder bus tour: Sarah Palin recycles old lies: "Alaska provides 20% of US energy supply", "ethic charges were going to bankrupt our state"

By Patrick
Sarah Palin’s Rolling Blunder bus tour has just started, and her lies and her utterly stupid remarks begin to pile up like dirty laundry. It’s almost impossible to keep count. Sarah Palin is self-destructing herself again, reliably and relentlessly.
For example – with the following new clip, you could play a game called “Count the lies!”
Believe it or not, but Sarah Palin recycled her old lie from the 2008-campaign that “Alaska provides 20% of the US energy supply!”
Already in September 2008, called Sarah Palin out on this statement, which according to is “energetically wrong”:

Palin claims Alaska “produces nearly 20 percent of the U.S. domestic supply of energy.” That’s not true.

Alaska did produce 14 percent of all the oil from U.S. wells last year, but that’s a far cry from all the “energy” produced in the U.S.

Alaska’s share of domestic energy production was 3.5 percent, according to the official figures kept by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

And if by “supply” Palin meant all the energy consumed in the U.S., and not just produced here, then Alaska’s production accounted for only 2.4 percent.

But what’s even worse: With this statement, Sarah Palin wanted to prove to the assembled “lamestream” media that she is an energy expert. A fifth grader would have done a better job. The media will need collective psychotherapy once this whole comedy is over. The nation as well (at least I would recommend it).
However, it ain’t over yet. Sarah Palin also claims in this clip that the “frivolous ethics charges were going to bankrupt” Alaska, and that’s why she quit! Bankrupt Alaska? Ethics complaints? Alaska has a $ 8.2 billion budget!

Thankfully, the Anchorage Daily News counted the costs in 2009 and came to the following conclusion:

Ethics complaints against Gov. Sarah Palin and top members of her administration have cost the state personnel board nearly $300,000 over the past year, almost two-thirds of which appear to be from the Troopergate investigation of the governor.

That’s according to new figures released by the personnel board, which described them as “independent counsel expenditures.” The board hires private lawyers to investigate the complaints. The expenditures were released after the personnel board expressed frustration at the costs of the complaints. Palin has said the state is wasting money trying to resolve “frivolous” complaints against her.

So, it would have just taken a few thousand more ethic complaints to bankrupt the State of Alaska.

The ethics complaints were also “going to bankrupt your family”, Sarah? Did you just say that? Ding dong, it’s another lie, surprise!
First of all, the investigator Timothy Petumenos revealed in his “Alaska Fund Trust” report from April 27, 2009 that the State of Alaska offered to pay your, Sarah Palin, legal bills, but you refused without giving a good reason.
Second, as the Anchorage Daily News also observed in July 2009:

The bulk of the expenses – $187,797 – appear to stem from Troopergate, the messy case involving Palin’s former brother-in-law, a state trooper, who got on the wrong side with Palin and her family.

Palin herself initiated at least a part of the ethics case to counter a legislative investigation into the same matter. An additional Troopergate ethics complaint was brought by the state troopers union, which complained Palin and others improperly disclosed confidential personnel and workers’ compensation records of her former brother-in-law, Mike Wooten, and engaged in systematic efforts to have Wooten fired. The personnel board dismissed the union complaint.

So, Sarah, listen: About 63% of all the costs of the State of Alaska were incurred because of the ethics complaint you filed against yourself. That means that roughly 63% of your own costs were also produced because of your own behavior, your own tactical political move. Why didn’t you tell the media about these simple facts?

But then, Sarah is not really about facts. Sarah is about Sarah, and nothing else. Just Sarah. Sarah. You could call her Queen Esther if you want, also, too. The woman who doesn’t like facts, because facts are a real pain in the ass. Simply Sarah.

So what else happened today?
In New York, Sarah told stupid things about the “Dream Act”, and she also said that it’s an “institution” to eat Pizza with Donald Trump:
“Think Progress” wrote about her remarks in the above clip:

Actually, the DREAM Act aims to accomplish precisely what Palin described. Under the DREAM Act bill that Republicans killed last December, applicants would have had to go through a rigorous process of background checks, in addition to paying taxes, learning English, and either serving in the military or attending college. They would have then received a “conditional nonimmigrant” status and would be required to “stand in line” for ten years before being granted legal immigrant status. The Congressional Budget Office estimated that the same bill would reduce the deficit by $1.4 billion over ten years.

Palin, who has not ruled out the possibility of running for president, set forth an incoherent immigration platform in 2010. When Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly asked her what she would do about immigration if she ever became “President Palin,” she responded, “Let’s keep it simple and let’s say ‘no, if you were here illegally and if you don’t follow the steps that at some point through immigration reform we’re gonna be able to provide — and that is somehow to allow you to work — if you don’t do that, then you’re gonna be gone.’” Palin seemed to suggest that for those who follow the rules, “there has to be that expectation that they will work and that they will contribute.”

Keeping the daily insanity in mind, I thought this tweet was very appropriate:

Sarah Palin truly is the “Media Whore”, as Gawker reported today – somebody dared to insult the Queen (click to enlarge):
Here is a video clip of the “incident”:
Also, who wouldn’t like to visit the “Statute of Liberty”:
Earlier today, Kathleen reminded me via email that the name “Palin” already has the word “Pain” in it. Well, I think God gave us a sign there…
Just joking. We have to see the funny side. More breaking news today from the “Pizza Summit”:
A disaster happened:
Sorry, Palinbots, but Sarah Palin just lost her not-even-announced presidential run!

More nice footage, courtesy of AP:

It seems that Sarah really starts to enjoy talking to the “lamestream” again – no surprise, taken the fact into account that the reporters say very nice and quite silly things to her, for example calling her “a global celebrity”, as in the following clip. Oh yes, she hops off the bus to “meet the hometown characters in some of these small towns”:

But whatever, Sarah, you have already lost – take a good look at the real American:

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