Video of Rupert Murdoch Attacked at UK Parliamentary Hearing. Plus Photo of Britta Palin Very Pregnant

By Kathleen

The direct feed at the enquiry into the scandals surrounding the hacking by the Murdoch empire was cut when a man attacked Rupert Murdoch with a plate of foam. James Murdoch had a look of shock on his face as the attack took place and Wendi Murdoch moved forward to protect her husband.

Video of foam plate attack on Murdoch senior in slowmotion:

The live feed continues here:
This twitter account is purported to belong to the man who attacked Rupert Murdoch with a plate of shaving foam. Hat-tip to Older_Wiser!

Jonnie Marbles
It is a far better thing that I do now than I have ever done before

For all the Palin pregnancy watchers.
Track’s wife Britta Palin, formerly Britta Hanson, very pregnant:

Full picture (click to enlarge):

Britta Hanson and Track Palin married in May this year, as People magazine exclusively reported back then.
They were already a couple for several years. Here is the link to an online photo album from 2006 which contains several nice pictures of Track and Britta.
There can be no doubt that Britta Hanson was already pregnant when she married Track two months ago.
By the way: Do you remember Sarah Palin very pregnant?
March 26, 2008

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