Weekly Roundup, October 3-9, 2011

by Blueberry T

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Why We Are Here

Dusty puts into words (and great pictures!) the reasons why many of us keep working to expose the truth about Sarah Palin. Making sure no one like her ever represents all of us is a common thread that brings all of us together… I prefer to only support and vote for an individual who has actually matured enough to recognize that we have all been young, dumb and single at one time but have learned from the past and moved on.” After reviewing some of the utter hypocrisy regarding the recent revelations of her pre-marital sex with Glen Rice and her cocaine use, Dusty concludes, “Now Sarah Palin is an X-rated late night television joke. Not very presidential, is it?”

In the midst of the comment thread, there was dancing in the streets as rollingingraves first broke the news that…

Sarah Is Not Running!

The cat and mouse game is finally over – Palin has decided not to run for President on the GOP ticket or as a third party candidate. She is putting family first. (Interruption for coughing fit.) C4Pers are going through all the stages of grief all at once, poor deluded fools; but some of them are returning their multiple copies of “The Undefeated,” so I guess hope springs eternal. Congratulations to Patrick, Kathleen, the research team and writers and all our wonderful readers – we have all played a part in the downfall of Sarah’s Palin’s political star. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Follow the Money: Mitt Romney’s SuperPAC

Nomad takes Deep Throat’s advice to heart, following the money that is funding Mitt Romney’s campaign and his Restore America’s Future SuperPAC. Nomad pulls back the curtain on multi-billionare hedge fund manager John Paulson and several major donors with deep Mormon roots, including the Marriott family, Blake Roney and Stephen Lund. The post also covers Multi-Level Marketing (MSM) and pyramid schemes that are a common thread among several of these businessmen – these are real Ponzi schemes. Nomad also shows how the Citizens United ruling is dramatically altering the funding of elections, and that shell companies are being set up for the sole purpose of hiding donors’ identities. This in itself demonstrates the naïveté of the SCOTUS’s decision, which presumed that the revelation of donor names would be sufficient to limit the influence of money in elections. Right. Well-researched post with excellent information.

Some comments and links:

Maelewis (end of longer comment): She is a living example of everything that is wrong with American politics. [Later:] Even though she’s not running, she is still running her mouth, and it’s a deadly weapon.

Psalm023: To me, someone who’s qualified for Office should be able to work alone; her almost addictive reliance on her family sends red flags.

Sleuth1 found this: Over at Politico: “Got to give Sarah Palin credit. She spent more time fueling speculation about running for presidency than she did serving as governor of Alaska.” zing!

Mmboucher: I have mixed feelings about tonight, we did lose a genius, but we did save ourselves from an idiot.

VinnieF: P&K, all of the contributors, and all of the commenters of this site should take great pride in what they’ve done. While P&K have done a fantastic job as the moderators of this site and provided many great articles, it takes a village to make something as great as what’s been done here. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF US!!

Leadfoot_LA: Doesn’t it all make her look crazier than a fruit bat? She KNEW she wasn’t running, yet showed up in that damned bus in Iowa and New Hampshire, just to get attention and steal it from the other candidates, who ARE running. What a psycho.

Cheeriogirl: What frightens me even more than Palin? The fact that the GOP KNEW she was incompetent and mentally ill, yet did not remove her off the ticket BEFORE the election… I believe they selected Sarah BECAUSE she was a charming pathological liar, NOT in spite of it…

bittentoo: Sarah Palin’s obligation to her family is to run for Vice President when:
1. She [claims she] has just given birth 4 1/2 months prior to a special needs baby
2. She has a 17 year old daughter who is 5 months pregnant and unwed
3. Her oldest son is in the military and at one point will be deployed
4. And she has two daughters in school
Obviously, family first.

Now that:
1. Track is married (wink) and has his own family
2. Bristol is doing her own thing in LA, AZ, and AK
3. Willow will be 18 before the votes are even cast next year for president
4. Piper gets dragged to every event anyways
5. Trig is no longer a baby
This is NOT the time to put her family thru a Presidential run.
Who does she think she’s kidding?
I am very curious what the REAL reason is.

Eclecticsandra (on Nomad’s Romney post): And we thought the worst part was the dog on top of the car!

KatzKids: The [Mormons] are the same type of “stealth” organization as the Dominionists and are very powerful… Their goals are very similar – take away women’s rights, workers rights, unions rights, middle class rights, make the US & the world into THEIR theocracy. Their missionaries are every bit as fervent as the Dominionists… Never doubt that Romney is not 100 percent backed by them. He’s very careful to try to disassociate himself from them but has been carefully groomed and selected by the seventy to gain the Presidency. There can be no doubt where his loyalties lie.

Madam Deal: Wonkette called her a gangrenous grifter-quitter grandma. They also called her a mentally ill fictional humanoid. Works for me.

Indy_girl: Sarah, honey, President Obama’s not ignoring you because you’re a “hockey mom.” He’s ignoring you because you’re an idiot.

Femme7: Hold the phone here…..Palin said in her speech that her followers should trust her for this decision because it’s what God had told her she should do but didn’t she just say they took a family vote and some of her kids didn’t want her to run?

Older_Wiser and others loved this from Joe McGinniss: To enter the race for the Republican nomination would not merely invite, but demand scrutiny that you could not withstand: about Trig, about your extremist religious beliefs, about your phony image as a “hockey Mom,” about your vindictiveness, about the disparity between how you tell others to conduct their lives and the way you’ve conducted your own, about the lies you’ve told as a public figure, about your ignorance, your shallowness, and your hysteria whenever you don’t get your own way immediately… the show is over.” [BBT: I love that he put Trig first!]

Carriesblank and rollingingraves pointed out this interview of Nicolle Wallace: “The idea of a mentally ill vice president who suffers in complete isolation was obviously sparked by the behaviors I witnessed by Sarah Palin.” Patrick found this on the same topic.

Here and here are my earlier posts on Palin’s mental instability.

Linda1961 linked to Wonkette; great title and illustration!

(via Twitter) Sarah Jones at politicususa.

ItCouldHappeninAmerica and silver_desert linked to Andrew Sullivan on Steve Jobs’ death and Sarah’s demise.

john doe posted a link to “Palin: Already Almost Forgotten” on Frum Forum; nice take-down!

MUST SEE from several readers: Jon Stewart on Sarah (running or crazy person) and when she knew she was not running.

Patrick pointed out this excellent Palin obituary (or so it seems) in the LA Times. I also like the title, which reminds me of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich; very apt.

The Last Word: Patrick: A Quitter Never Wins And A Winner Never Quits


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