Rick Perry channels his inner George W. Bush at the "Cornerstone Action Dinner" in New Hampshire – his "drunk" speech! UDPATE WITH FULL SPEECH!

By Patrick


Rick Perry loves his Maple Syrup – amongst other things

It’s a slow news Sunday, and apart from snow storms in the Northeast of the USA, the type of event which has been used by Fox News as proof to show that global warming doesn’t exist, there seems little to report today. However, Texas Governor Rick Perry saves the day!
In what Huffington Post calls an “unusual speech” in which Rick Perry was “unusually expressive”, Rick Perry channelled his inner George W. Bush on Friday night in New Hampshire at the “Cornerstone Action Dinner” and in a weird performance presented a parody of himself. What happened? Alcohol, drugs or general stupidity? My bet is that is was alcohol! 😉
Somebody posted a clip on youtube with excerpts from the 25-minute speech, and the full clip doesn’t seem to be available yet. But these excerpts are more than enough to get a really good laugh! One of the Republican frontrunners making a complete mockery of himself is well worth watching:
I almost feel sorry for Rick Perry. He clearly was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. And my guess is that he has zero chance to beat President Obama. This man is an empty suit.
But if the speech was already very funny, the best part comes after Rick Perry has finished his speech. He is just standing next to the podium when one of the organizers makes some very simple closing remarks, which are actually not funny, and nothing should go wrong any more, wouldn’t you think?
Well, it seems that if Rick Perry is “in the mood”, a lot can go wrong. 😉
His behaviour at the end is so hilarious that I decided to make a screenshot collage, in chronological order, taken from the above video clip – enjoy, and have a nice and hopefully snow-free Sunday!
Perry funny speech 1

Perry funny speech 2

Perry funny speech 3

Perry funny speech 3a

Perry funny speech 4

Perry funny speech 5

Perry funny speech 6

Perry funny speech 7

Perry funny speech 8

Perry funny speech 9

Perry funny speech 10

Perry funny speech 11
Here is the full, uncut speech – as expected, the full speech includes many more hilarious parts :



“Think Progress” reports about more insanity by Rick Perry – President Obama’s decision to withdraw the troops from Iraq is “putting our kids lives in jeopardy”, according to Perry:

PERRY: The idea that a commander-in-chief would stand up and signal to the enemy a date certain of when we’re going to pull our troops out I think is irresponsible. You need to be talking to your commanders in the field. You need to be working with the experts who understand what is going on in those countries, for instance. We need to finish our mission in Iraq and Afghanistan. You better believe I want out kids home as soon as we can and safe. But to give that signal that we’re pulling them out is bad public policy and, more importantly, it’s putting our kids lives in jeopardy[…]
He has lost his standing from the standpoint of being a commander-in-chief who has any idea about what’s going on in those theaters. He’s making mistakes that are putting our kids that in theater and I think future issues dealing with whether it’s in the Middle East or the south China Sea with our allies, putting all of that in jeopardy because of this unwavering, or I should say this wavering or this aimless approach to foreign policy which he has.

Watch the clip:

Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart both weighed in.

Maddow did an excellent in-depth piece about Perry’s speech:


Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Jon Stewart presented a shorter segment, combined with the news about Herman Cain, and of course it’s as funny as expected:

Rick Perry commented on his speech in New Hampshire – and doesn’t acknowledge that the speech was bad. Just the opposite, he “felt good” and “got across the message very well”, according to Perry. And he says that one can apparently “do everything with a video.” No, you cannot, Rick…!

Saturday Night Live is also on the case:



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